Vision and Mission Statement  

Springfield Middle School will provide a safe and orderly environment, which recognizes cultural diversity and develops academic and social abilities while promoting life-long learning for a global community. Springfield Middle School believes every student can learn and should experience success and recognition.  Our school environment will have a profound effect on student achievement.  Our staff will create a sensitive, caring environment which will encourage students to be life long learners.  Students need to practice respect for others and themselves and should be held responsible for their own actions.  Student success is enhanced when families, schools and the community are engaged in an ongoing partnership.







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Sports Events
•  Boys Basketball Away @ Elm City 5:00pm  (Boys Basketball)
•  Girls Basketball Away @ Elm City 4:00pm  (Girls Basketball)

Follow link to National Public Radio interview with our PE department about the MATCH program.

From Wilson Times

From Wilson Times

8th Grade A Honor Roll

8th Grade A/B Honor Roll

6th Grade A Honor Roll 1st Nine Weeks

6th Grade A/B Honor Roll 1st Nine Weeks

7th Grade A Honor roll

7th Grade A/B Honor Roll

NC Middle School Honors Chorus members from SMS.   Alex E. andd Ruth Ann M. are talented Wildcats.   Thanks to Choral...
NC Middle School Honors Chorus

Congratulations to the following art students whose artwork was selected to represent Springfield Middle at the Black Creek Heritage...
Artwork for Black Creek Heritage Celebration